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Post is taken from “I Destroy Hannity’s Best Argument for Endless Iraq War”

Phil Donahue was a guest on Hannity and Colmes last Wed. (4/8/0 8) to promote the documentary Body of War, about a paralyzed soldier’s journey as he comes to grips with his disability and the truth about the Iraq war. Donahue, who co-directed and executive produced the film, did a great job of exposing the violent, short-sighted idiocy of Hannity/neocon “ideology”, which you can see or can read about here, but I’d like to address something else.

Hannity decided to strain his active brain cells and present his best, most airtight, “fundamental” argument for why America needs to stay in Iraq forever — that Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, Al Qaeda, etc. (scared yet?) are the modern-day equivalents of fascism, imperial Japan, communism, Nazis, etc., which were all “evil” and took huge amounts of American blood, money, and sacrifice for our nation to defeat.

This was Hannity’s best argument for why the US should stay in Iraq forever, continuing to spend over $12 billion a month; cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis; maim and destroy the minds, lives, and families of American soldiers; and lose the respect, love, and authority of the world.

I can debunk it in one sentence.

If staying in Iraq so the US can “win” is so important, call for a draft immediately and demand massive amounts of national sacrifice from every American citizen.

That’s where Hannity’s “best” argument completely crumbles.

If you really feel that this list of largely unaffiliated paramilitaries, countries, criminal gangs, etc. somehow match the same level of danger as Nazi Germany, then you should demand a draft, much like the one declared to fight Nazi Germany. American soldiers are being stop-lossed, having their tours extended, and pulling multiple tours so much that they are literally being driven insane, so it’s clear that the US doesn’t have enough soldiers in the fight. I know where you could find some — THE REST OF THE COUNTRY. Demand a draft. Now. Where else will you get the soldiers to fight an endless war?

Other than American soldiers and their friends and families, American citizens have not been asked to sacrifice anything for the Iraq war. Yes, I know many of us did our patriotic duty to shop after 9/11, but there have really been no further requests after that. This is not to say that every Americans and most of the world hasn’t been forced to pay a horrible price for the Iraq war in one way or another, but those were not true sacrifices since sacrificing involves choosing to give something up, not having it stolen away from you or priced out of your budget. It’s obvious the US can’t afford the Iraq war under our current system, so we need to figure out a system that will. The magic of the “free” market isn’t doing it.

Raise taxes on the rich, who can afford to pay more without it harming their standard of living. Use the money to re-open shuttered factories, hire back the laid-off workers, and get them to make and repair America’s military vehicles and hardware, which are being damaged and destroyed at an alarming rate under the harsh conditions of the Iraq war. This surely couldn’t be more expensive than the exorbitant amounts we’re paying to private contractors and private businesses to do the work of war for us. Plus, it would stimulate the US economy by replacing jobs that have disappeared under the Bush administration.

Call for cars to get more miles per gallon so we can stop giving more and more of our paychecks to the countries you claim are our enemies. Impose a tax on gas that would go towards the development of sustainable energy, a tax on those who buy big gas guzzlers, and provide a larger tax rebate for people who buy high-mileage cars. If you can’t ask Americans to do that, you must not be taking the threat that seriously. Ask people to sacrifice things they are willing to sacrifice, like enormous SUVs and wasteful energy habits, instead of things they can’t live without, like food, healthcare, and gas so they can get to work and pick up their kids. What wealthy tycoon, oil company, or other giant corporation would be so unpatriotic as to refuse to sacrifice more of their record profits to a system that they profit from so much more than the average citizen?

And demand a draft to force every able-bodied American to join the fight. If the danger to the nation is so great, it will take the entire nation to fight it, not just volunteer soldiers who make up a tiny percentage of the national population.

But war supporters like Hannity will never ask for a draft or more sacrifice for a war that needs more soldiers and more sacrifice. That’s how you can tell he’s either a liar or an idiot.

He’s not willing to ask for the two things that he claims are key to “victory” in Iraq: soldiers and sacrifice. So what if it’s political suicide? Shouldn’t you be standing up for what’s right? That’s how you know Hannity’s either a coward, a liar, or an idiot.

Also, if the Iraq war is so important, maybe Hannity would like to explain why his network, FOX, covers the Iraq war less than MSNBC or CNN. Hardly seems like the way you’d cover the greatest threat America has faced in a generation.

Hannity’s “fundamental” argument is a puff of hot air that can’t withstand the most gentle of breezes. If that’s the best justification he and other war supporters can come up with, it’s further reason why the Iraq war must end now.

And Hannity is “absolutely” sure America is safer because of the Iraq war. To which one should ask: Safe from what? Iraq’s WMDs? An Iraq/Al Qaeda alliance?

If Hannity was any more ignorant or more of a liar, there’d have to be two of him — no single person could be that clueless and dishonest.


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